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Welcome to Bitcoin101, South Africa’s leading cryptocurrency education company founded in 2016 Reg: 2017/045304/07

We educate all people and companies in wealth creation and protection through the use of precious metals, I.E. gold and silver, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Our mission is to educate people about money, leverage and compounding to start living a better, successful life. Not having to exchange their time for money.

Take charge of your life NOW!

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CryptoInvest101 is one of the world’s simplest and easy-to-use cryptocurrency investment platform located in South Africa.

The company is associated and backed by Bitcoin101.

The founders of CryptoInvest101 started the company because they wanted to solve the major issues involved in the field of cryptocurrency and it’s trade.

Some of the main problems that the founders aimed at eliminating were security, complexity and accessibility.

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Bullion101 allows the public to purchase gold and silver in small denominations from one gram up to an ounce using fiat or cryptocurrency.

This is a proudly South African product with everything being minted locally by an experienced and fully accredited team.

The gold and silver are minted as medallions which one can travel with both locally and internationally.

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Cryptohive101 is a Proudly South African crypto mining facility.

CryptoHive101 offers a turnkey mining solution to people who are looking to get involved in mining cryptocurrencies.

Not only does CryptoHive101 facilitate the sale and hosting of new miners, the company also “adopts” miners that have been turned off as a result of rising electricity prices and declining or stagnant markets.

CryptoHive101 aims to be the largest crypto mine in Africa!

Meet the team

Christopher Santana

Co-Founder and Financial Director

Richard Bollaert

Shareholder and legal advisor.

Matt Neilon

Co-founder and Managing Director of CryptoHive101.

Jeff Galbraith

Founder and CEO

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